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affordable painters
affordable painters

Affordable Painters

When the exterior of your property is in need of a good paint job, you will no doubt start
searching for affordable painters If the property has been well looked after and there are no major repairs,
such as renewing rotten sashes and door frames, the cost need not be too high. The weather will take its
toll and most houses require painting, depending of course how exposed the property is to the weather.
One average the house will need a full paint job every 4-5 years.
So what are the options how do I find a

affordable painters

and what is the best way to go about it? First thing to consider is are you up to doing
it yourself. How high is the building is it 2 or 3 stories If you don't like
heights this obviously is not for you. Being up a ladder and painting is a skill you probably don't posses.
So hire a professional painter or at least someone who's has had plenty of experience with exterior painting
and decorating. Ask around, do your friends know of a good painter, that is cheap or reasonable in his
painting rates. Look on notice boards outside of newsagents and other shops. There is often a selection of people
looking for all kinds of work, bricklaying,carpentry,ironing work, yes then you will see quiet a few looking
for interior and exterior painting work. Write down their numbers and ask a couple of them to come round
and give you a quote.

affordable painters

That is one way to get a good painter here's another In the Summer months, in every neighborhood you will find
painters in almost every street. It seems that about May or June every year you will see armies
of painters and other trades swarming all over buildings up ladders and scaffolding busily toiling away for some
decorating contractor. These men are excellent tradesmen they have to be to keep in employment in the winter
months when work is scarce. The paint company never lays off a good man if they have work.
As you casually walk past one of these houses that is being redecorated, take a close look
and if you are impressed with the workmanship, talk to one of the painters and ask if they
do private work. Well I have been a painter for many years and this would be music to their ears.

affordable painters

Tell them about the job,
and would they give you a price. If all is agreed make arrangements for the work to start.
The big advantage with this option is that you will be cutting out the middleman (painting contractor) and
so the paint job cost should be appreciably lower. When they start the job there may be three or four painters
acting as a team, this suits you has the job will be completed quickly, when the weather is fine.
In the event of the estimate being out of your budget. tell them you will think about it
and get another quote the same way. If you want to ask londonwidepainters for a estimate as we have
decorators who would be very grateful of any work you need carrying out and would love to work for
you. All the best.

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